RBITC since its formation, have been tirelessly working to bring meaningful & transformational change in lives of our generation next coming from financially challenged household. This is achieved by creating an environment (infrastructure) which make learning more comfortable & enjoyable. Additionally, for imparting holistic education (learning, skill development & sports) RBITC have teamed up with local volunteer group Whitefield Ready (WR) who are hands-on-field along with RBITC members in conducting classes in English, Maths & Science besides skilling children with Computer awareness. No holistic development of child is complete unless it is coupled with Co-curricular activities which prepare child for Social & Relationship building skills, Time Management, Physical & Mental Health and as well as brings in moral & cultural values thereby helping child personality development, as a whole. And to guide child overall development, sessions / classes are conducted in field of Dance, Drama, Arts, Music & specialized coaching in Sports (Football).

RBITC have adopted 6 Government Primary & Higher Primary Schools in Whitefield area for last so many years and its intervention over the years have helped in achieving the following:

  • 28% average increase in enrolment
  • 82% student retention in Primary Schools
  • 80% attendance in classes.
  • 90% of students moving into High Schools.

In year 2019, with a view of early intervention, RBITC & WR along with technical support from Keyed Foundation started Pre-Primary Schools (LKG) at Government School @ Immadahalli whereby younger minds are provided education in playful way. This was a first-off initiative of RBITC and this being successful, same is planned to be replicated in more schools going forward.
Additionally, RBITC have been serving sumptuous breakfast to all its adopted schools which further helps in overall development of child at these schools.
Today RBITC provide recurring support as below besides providing the infrastructure support:

  • 6x of Government Primary & Higher Primary Schools
  • 1x Pre-Primary Government School.
  • 7x Teachers for these schools
  • 4x Janitors for the upkeep of toilets at the schools
  • Continuous Scholarship for Higher Education – currently 4x girls supported