Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor (RBITC) was formed in June 2006 with a mission mission is to make a transformational and Parajumper Svart sustainable change in the quality of life in Whitefield. It has in the last few years funded and implemented several projects in the area of primary health care and rural livelihood provision through vocational training programs, primary education by supporting government schools by organizing mid-day meal programs and scores of other charitable community services and environmental initiatives. One of the highlights being the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, which is their biggest fundraiser and the Asia’s only marathon run at night.

RBITC is comparatively a younger club with the average age of members being 30-40. The Club is called IT corridor because most of the members are prominent IT professionals. They believe in making service fun and were inducted into the hall of honour club in 2011.

1.1     RBITC – Focus Area

1.1.1    Supporting Education

RBITC since its formation, have been tirelessly working to bring meaningful & transformational change in lives of our generation next coming from financially challenged household. This is achieved by creating an environment (infrastructure) which make learning more comfortable & enjoyable.

1.1.2    Preventive & Curative Health

RBITC is privileged to have renowned Doctors as members of the club and through them RBITC has been able to provide Preventive & Curative health interventions to community in-and-around Whitefield besides carrying out regular preventive health checks of children in its adopted schools.

1.1.3    Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

RBITC is sensitive about availability of clean-water and basic hygiene to community it supports and have been carrying out multiple activities towards this focus area.

1.1.4    Environment & Renewable energy

RBITC members are responsible citizens and care the surroundings and environment. RBITC have carried out multiple projects and interventions which brings in lasting changes in area it operates-in.

1.1.5    Vocational Training

RBITC mission is to make people (of economically weaker section) self-reliant and towards that have been carrying out multiple programs which bring-in job-oriented skill development whereby ensuring that economically challenged families are able to earn their living and lead a comfortable life.

1.2     RBITC Fund Generation

All the work as described above is not possible unless it is supported by benevolent contributions of individuals & corporates and same is acknowledged. RBITC over the years have generating funds by way of three main streams:

1.2.1    BMM Annual Fund Raiser

Since year 2007, RBITC have been conducting annual Midnight Marathon Run in December of the year which helps RBITC to generate funds for its project. BMM over the years have grown into a marathon of international repute and today is only midnight marathon run in India which is AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) and see participation of more than 10,000+ runners and their families

1.2.2    Contributions from Corporates

RBITC is fortunate to have support from multiple Corporates for so many years and contribution from these corporates helps RBITC is providing social & economic support to the communities at large. Some of the Corporates who have been supporting RBITC are

1.2.3    Contributions from Individuals

RBITC have also been receiving from time-to-time contributions from individuals who believe in RBITC work. Their contributions help RBITC to accomplish the task which it takes.